II Embers Pop Up Shop

II Embers will be featured at Haley Boutique on Brookside on Thursday, December 15th from 6-8 pm. We hope you can join us and shop the evening for the perfect Christmas presents for all those you love. Get great deals! JOIN US!

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AHHHH Show me the gemstones!

I told you I would continue to show you all the incredible one of a kind designs for our upcoming party! Each one of these is original, but one specific design I am absolutely obsessed with and I am kind of hoping no one purchases it, so I can keep it myself. Yes, that may be selfish, but look how cute it is!

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Prepping with New Designs

Working, working, working is all I have been doing to prep for a Sip and Shop we are having this Sunday. I have been making one of a kind bracelets and earrings for this gathering and I can’t wait to see what you think! Continue reading “Prepping with New Designs”

Rolling out the Earrings!


Earrings are in and there are different styles everywhere, but I love these II Embers earrings! We have about 7 styles right now, but 8 more styles are being released soon including these specific styles; red blaze, black blaze, and white blaze. This specific style is circular in shape and looks like golden threads are being pulled from the inside of the earring to the outside. Also the little rhinestones line the inside of the circle and when these earrings catch the light they pull anyone in who catches them in their sight. The holidays are fast approaching and if you are looking for a present to purchase for yourself or for the many people on your list, these are perfect and would be great for even the most simplistic person. What do you think of II Embers earrings? Do you need to start Christmas shopping?



Hard work down the drain?

I know not everything I make is liked by all, so sometimes I have to cut my old designs to create something new. As I sit cutting all these bracelets I keep thinking about all the time and effort I put into making these things and think why did these specific bracelets not sell? Continue reading “Hard work down the drain?”

Photo Shoot Fun

So this weekend we, my mom and I, did a photo shoot featuring our new collections, but the focus was mostly Color Pop. We wanted someone that could easily be photographed and wasn’t afraid of the camera, so Lauren was the perfect candidate. Lauren is extremely photogenic and is perfect for capturing everything Color Pop entails. She has huge eyes that make you want to stare at her, lips that pop with color, and the perfect smile! Enough bragging about her features. She has her own blog that discusses all things food, medicine, and traveling. You have got to check it out! www.laurenbessette.com The photos turned out amazing thanks to Lauren and I can’t wait for the next photo shoot! If you like any of these products and wish to make a purchase check out II Embers just know that the Color
Pop collection won’t be available until Tuesday morning. Trust me it is worth the wait!

What do you think of the pictures? Doesn’t she fit perfectly with this collection? Color that pops with lips that pop with color!

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Wine Women and Shoes

After my short stop in LA I continued on the tiniest plane to the tiniest airport in San Louis Obispo where I took an Uber to Atascadero, CA. While visiting this beautiful place I worked an event called Wine, Women, and Shoes and at this event I sold II Embers jewelry and purses. This event series has generated more than $40, 000,000 to nonprofits across the country and we happen to be a national sponsor which means we give 20% of our sales to the specific nonprofit that is featured at each show we attend. Continue reading “Wine Women and Shoes”