Celebrating Christmas

Since Christmas is fast approaching everyone is becoming increasingly busy with parties, dinners, wrapping of gifts, and everything that this magical holiday entails. However we must relax and enjoy this time together because it only comes once a year, so stop and smell the cedar trees. Continue reading “Celebrating Christmas”


Top 15 Stocking Stuffers!

Stocking are a HUGE deal in my family! As a result, shopping for stuffers takes lots of time and can get pretty pricey. Occasionally we do have the cheap stuff thrown into the stocking like gum and candy, but the real goodies are those perfect things that you love like Hanky Panky underwear and Zum soaps and lotions. Ever since I can remember Christmas morning was filled with joy and excitement because everyone in the family Continue reading “Top 15 Stocking Stuffers!”

How to Decorate!!!

There are so many ways to decorate a tree including the traditional way which to me is boring and because of that I like my tree to be a little funky. The traditional tree has a simple tree topper like an angel or star and usually simple round ornaments and the occasional ribbon circling the tree. Boring! Let us change things up guys and make your tree stand out. During the Christmas season my tree demands attention as soon as you walk through the front door. As a result, I am determined every year to make my tree better than the year before and I am here to give you some pointers and steps to make your tree the best ever!

  • Step 1: Lights! Lights! Lights! We accidentally bought the biggest tree ever this year and it looks like we chopped down something that had been growing in the forest for years! So, I ran out of lights and had to purchase 200 more and guess what? We still didn’t have enough lights, but I was not about to put off decorating another day! My tree looks a little bare in the middle but I am going to attempt to add more tomorrow…after fully decorating and may fail miserable. Do not do this! Always put the lights on first.


  • Step 2: The tree topper! Some people save this for last, but that is for the boring tree topper! The tree topper is the most important part and mine consists of large pieces of silver mesh with a burlap bow and tons of spray. The more spray and sparkly mesh the better!
  • Step 3: Filler! Fill your tree with endless amounts of mesh, burlap, and/or ribbon vertically throughout the branches! Add more material throughout the tree that is similar or the same as your tree topper. However, do not place it horizontally like we have been seeing on trees forever. Spice it up for once! Place the material vertically through your branches and break it up throughout the tree. Also, use little and big pieces!


  • Step 4: Ornaments!!! I like my ornaments to all be similar in color and flow with the rest of the decorations throughout the house and as you can see my colors are silver, red, white, and burlap. This is about as traditional as I get with Christmas decor, but you can use whatever ornaments you wish because it is your tree! One little trick I picked up during my event planning days is that tiny ornaments can be made into huge ones and will stand out perfectly as you can see on my tree. I took 6 tiny ornaments and put them all on the same wire and wrap the cluster on a branch. It looks fabulous. The more ornaments the better…you can’t have too many.





  • Step 5: Spray! Add it like it is going out of style! Add texture where you can, I have feathers, sparkles, and plain.


Step 6: Gifts! Buy all your loved ones great gifts that are perfect for each of their personalities, but beware of criminals.  If your tree is by a window or you can see your presents, hide them in a room until Christmas Eve so no criminal is tempted to break-in. Also, use your alarm if you have one! Do not forget dogs love Christmas also, so give them some fur baby love! I hope you love the finished product. How do you decorate your tree? Feel free to upload a photo and show off your skills!





Oh Christmas Tree

I love Christmas more than any other holiday because of the bright colors, the lights, the decorations, and the joy.  However, the Christmas tree is my greatest achievement during the Christmas season and is the most important part of my holiday tradition. When I was very young my parents divorced and my mom didn’t remarry until the summer before middle school, but that first Christmas we all went to the Christmas tree farm together, as a family to pick the perfect tree. Continue reading “Oh Christmas Tree”