Calling all Oilers!!!


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Do you love essential oils? Do you use them daily? Have you been wanting to experiment with oils to see what all the hype is about? Well, II Embers has created the perfect bracelet to allow you to use your oils while looking great. We have created special diffuser bracelets that contain two special beads that diffuse your oils throughout the entire day. All you have to do is place 1-2 drops on these specific beads and rub them between your fingers to allow these natural beads to absorb the oils and place the bracelet on your wrist to enjoy. These bracelets should hold the scent and properties of your oils for at least 2-3 days. I myself have been using oils for 3 years, but I have never wanted to sell them because II Embers is my life! Although I do not have the time to sell oils, I wanted to create something that every oiler out there can use and enjoy! The best part of these bracelets is that they contain all natural gemstones, so you don’t have to worry about toxins being absorbed into your body. We are offering these bracelets in two different colors with multiple selections of diffuser beads. Also, you can wear these bracelets two different ways as I demonstrated in the picture above. Obviously I have been testing out this new product for a few weeks in order to make sure everything is perfect for you, the consumer, and I think you will love these! These will be available for sale on our website starting Monday, April 17th!!! Get excited!! I wanted to include some recipes I have been using for my bracelet that have worked wonders. You may already know these blends, but I wanted to share anyway. I want every oiler out there to look as good as they feel!

Allergy Trio – Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint

Focus blend – Peppermint, Wild Orange

Headache Relief – Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense

Happy Blend – Wild Orange, Lemon, Juniper Berry

Cough Suppressant – Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemon

Sleepytime – Lavender, Geranium, Chamomile

Bug Away – Purification, Lemon

Mood Lifter – Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Lavender


II Embers Pop Up Shop

II Embers will be featured at Haley Boutique on Brookside on Thursday, December 15th from 6-8 pm. We hope you can join us and shop the evening for the perfect Christmas presents for all those you love. Get great deals! JOIN US!

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Styling Toddlers

Calling all those who have not finished Christmas shopping, II Embers is now creating custom jewelry for toddlers and little girls. We have been doing this for a little while now, but just for those close to us. We have even made bracelets for flower girls in weddings. I am super excited that we are able to do this because I have so many friends who have little girls that adore bracelets. I mean what little girl doesn’t love to wear something pretty? If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out our stuff, you should! These custom bracelets are the perfect gift for your little girl. The best part is that you can pick any style and we will make it for half the price of the original bracelet cost and just add a few less beads, so that it will fit your little girls wrist perfectly. Also, are these pictures not the cutest things you have ever seen? All these little girls melt my heart, and are so precious. This is perfect for any child who loves to dress up or to look fancy like her mom, so check out our website and grab a bracelet for yourself and get a custom one made for your little girl, you can match and she will be so excited!


AHHHH Show me the gemstones!

I told you I would continue to show you all the incredible one of a kind designs for our upcoming party! Each one of these is original, but one specific design I am absolutely obsessed with and I am kind of hoping no one purchases it, so I can keep it myself. Yes, that may be selfish, but look how cute it is!

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Prepping with New Designs

Working, working, working is all I have been doing to prep for a Sip and Shop we are having this Sunday. I have been making one of a kind bracelets and earrings for this gathering and I can’t wait to see what you think! Continue reading “Prepping with New Designs”

New Styles in Tiny Sizes

Color, pattern, and size are what these beaded jade bracelets are all about and they are similar to the graffiti collection. When I first created the graffiti collection I was absolutely obsessed with everything about the bracelets, but these are even cuter because they are so tiny! Continue reading “New Styles in Tiny Sizes”

Photo Shoot Fun

So this weekend we, my mom and I, did a photo shoot featuring our new collections, but the focus was mostly Color Pop. We wanted someone that could easily be photographed and wasn’t afraid of the camera, so Lauren was the perfect candidate. Lauren is extremely photogenic and is perfect for capturing everything Color Pop entails. She has huge eyes that make you want to stare at her, lips that pop with color, and the perfect smile! Enough bragging about her features. She has her own blog that discusses all things food, medicine, and traveling. You have got to check it out! The photos turned out amazing thanks to Lauren and I can’t wait for the next photo shoot! If you like any of these products and wish to make a purchase check out II Embers just know that the Color
Pop collection won’t be available until Tuesday morning. Trust me it is worth the wait!

What do you think of the pictures? Doesn’t she fit perfectly with this collection? Color that pops with lips that pop with color!

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