Hard work down the drain?

I know not everything I make is liked by all, so sometimes I have to cut my old designs to create something new. As I sit cutting all these bracelets I keep thinking about all the time and effort I put into making these things and think why did these specific bracelets not sell? There are probably many different answers to this question but I am not a master in marketing so I can’t pinpoint one exactly, but I do know I have to come up with a solution and that is to make something different. When I try to figure out what to come up with I cut every bracelet and sort the beads and then sit and wait until something comes to mind. With these specific items I decided to make some of them into earrings! What do you think? These new designs are unlike anything I have made before and I really feel that they stand out. What should these new creations be named? Do you think they are original?




4 thoughts on “Hard work down the drain?

  1. Ali these are gorgeous! I like that you are always trying news things or if your comfort zone for your customers. These look perfect for holiday events, they can pair with classic Christmas party looks or fun New Year’s Eve fancy! The first pair of earrings and the grey necklace are my favorite 🙂

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