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Do you love essential oils? Do you use them daily? Have you been wanting to experiment with oils to see what all the hype is about? Well, II Embers has created the perfect bracelet to allow you to use your oils while looking great. We have created special diffuser bracelets that contain two special beads that diffuse your oils throughout the entire day. All you have to do is place 1-2 drops on these specific beads and rub them between your fingers to allow these natural beads to absorb the oils and place the bracelet on your wrist to enjoy. These bracelets should hold the scent and properties of your oils for at least 2-3 days. I myself have been using oils for 3 years, but I have never wanted to sell them because II Embers is my life! Although I do not have the time to sell oils, I wanted to create something that every oiler out there can use and enjoy! The best part of these bracelets is that they contain all natural gemstones, so you don’t have to worry about toxins being absorbed into your body. We are offering these bracelets in two different colors with multiple selections of diffuser beads. Also, you can wear these bracelets two different ways as I demonstrated in the picture above. Obviously I have been testing out this new product for a few weeks in order to make sure everything is perfect for you, the consumer, and I think you will love these! These will be available for sale on our website starting Monday, April 17th!!! Get excited!! I wanted to include some recipes I have been using for my bracelet that have worked wonders. You may already know these blends, but I wanted to share anyway. I want every oiler out there to look as good as they feel!

Allergy Trio – Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint

Focus blend – Peppermint, Wild Orange

Headache Relief – Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense

Happy Blend – Wild Orange, Lemon, Juniper Berry

Cough Suppressant – Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemon

Sleepytime – Lavender, Geranium, Chamomile

Bug Away – Purification, Lemon

Mood Lifter – Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Lavender


Peppermint Bark…the secret ingredient

Christmas time brings amazing treats for everyone to indulge in and peppermint bark is one of those desserts that I am more inclined to crave. I can’t get enough! The first time I ever had a Ghirardelli peppermint square I was instantly obsessed, it quickly become a goal of mine to figure out how to make the same peppermint bark, but at home and at a lesser cost because let me tell you I was going through so many packages! After many attempts and experimentation I finally figured out how to make the best peppermint bark ever! Continue reading “Peppermint Bark…the secret ingredient”

Celebrating Christmas

Since Christmas is fast approaching everyone is becoming increasingly busy with parties, dinners, wrapping of gifts, and everything that this magical holiday entails. However we must relax and enjoy this time together because it only comes once a year, so stop and smell the cedar trees. Continue reading “Celebrating Christmas”

DIY Bath Bombs

Relaxing in a nice hot bath with a bath bomb fizzing and releasing refreshing smelling herbs and oils is a great way to calm down and have a night to yourself. Bath bombs are super pricey considering what the ingredients are and how easy these actually are to make! Also, you do not know what sort of chemicals/preservatives are being put in these things to make them stay fresh for so long because homemade bath bombs only stay fresh for about a month, so what is your body absorbing? Continue reading “DIY Bath Bombs”

Coconut Oil Coffee

During this time of year the sun doesn’t rise until well into the morning and waking up without the sun is not easy. The one thing I can look forward to is my morning coffee. Within the last 2 years I have become a coffee drinker, but an extremely picky one, so finding the perfect coffee has been a challenge. I finally found the perfect concoction to drink every morning and that is coconut oil coffee. I know this may not sound appealing, but trust me, one cup and you will be hooked. Coconut oil is a saving grace because I use it in every aspect in my life whether for cooking, beauty, or as a barrier for essential oils. Overall my favorite way to use this magically oil is in my coffee and I want to share with you all, how to make the most wonderful drink for you to enjoy every morning.

Step 1: Pick your favorite coffee and prepare it in your coffee pot and wait for that perfect cup to brew.

Step 2: Pour your freshly brewed coffee into your blender and add coconut oil and creamer and pulse for about 1 minute. I would use a spoonful of coconut oil for 2 full cups of coffee and go from there. As for the creamer I just add as much as I like, you can always add more later if you wish.

Step 3: Pour the blended coffee and foam into your cup and enjoy! I do every morning.


Beware the foam tends to leave a little mustache on your face! Let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Top 15 Stocking Stuffers!

Stocking are a HUGE deal in my family! As a result, shopping for stuffers takes lots of time and can get pretty pricey. Occasionally we do have the cheap stuff thrown into the stocking like gum and candy, but the real goodies are those perfect things that you love like Hanky Panky underwear and Zum soaps and lotions. Ever since I can remember Christmas morning was filled with joy and excitement because everyone in the family Continue reading “Top 15 Stocking Stuffers!”

II Embers Pop Up Shop

II Embers will be featured at Haley Boutique on Brookside on Thursday, December 15th from 6-8 pm. We hope you can join us and shop the evening for the perfect Christmas presents for all those you love. Get great deals! JOIN US!

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